percussion workshops
english version
A “zweepslag” workshop percussion is a one time musical event in which you play several percussion instruments in a large group of people, during a one/ one and a half hour period. This workshop can also be done in the English language. In this workshop you learn the basic skills of a number of percussion instruments and their rhythmic patterns. This rhythmic patterns are working very well together, which creates a very beautifull collaborative whole. During the workshop together we create an exiting percussion song, made of several parts. Therefor it is a real coöperative process. Thereby a workshop is very suitable as a teambuilding process. This all is led by Wytze van der Zweep, a well trained and registrated professional percussion teacher leading the workshops with much enthousiasme and expertise. All in a relaxed and humoristic way. Evry time the participants are surprised and proud of what they achieve in such a short period. The instruments that we work with, varies from maracas until exotic drums like conga and surdo. So we use many different percussion instruments from various parts of the world. During the workshop you change a couple of times from instruments, so anyone can play a number of different instruments. Everybody can join the workshops; from young till old, from musical nerd till musicaly trained. In every aspect of life is rhythme; from your own heartbeat till the rhythms of the seasons. The human being cannot live without rhythm. That is also why these rhythmic workshops attends to almost everybody. Through all this a percussion workshop “zweepslag” is, apart from being a rhythmic one, also a social activity; making music together! All and all it is a musical feast!